How to Integrate Unleashed with WooCommerce

Unleashed Inventory Management System is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to managing your business. It gives you the ability to have control of your products, suppliers, production, inventory and customers.

But what happens to this control when you run an online business in parallel and use a separate system such as WooCommerce?

Natively they don’t speak to each other, so businesses can often end up with extra work copying and pasting data from one system to another. This manual process can create issues caused by human error or the delay in transferring data.

Let’s talk about how you can get these systems to work together to increase the data’s accuracy and the speed at which it’s transferred.

Connecting the Dots

For Unleashed to sync data with WooCommerce, you need to bring in an intermediate system to get them to work together. The systems need a connector that will transfer data in real-time and translate it between them.

Once connected, you have complete control of your data – everything is in sync, all data is accurate and, most importantly, up to date.

How Does an Unleashed and WooCommerce Integration Work?

Most popular applications such as Unleashed and Woocommerce have an API, which is a set of protocols that allows another system to connect to it. Platforms like TIDEConnects, integrate with the APIs of both systems and pass data between them.

Most systems don’t speak the same language; for example, on one system, you might have a field called ‘Customer ID’, but on another, it’s called ‘Customer Reference’. So your connection platform can translate data between systems, ensuring it’s all correct and in the right format.

As Unleashed and Woocommerce is a popular pairing, TIDEConnects has an out-of-the-box connection that we set up for you, and it runs seamlessly in the background.

What Data Can Be Transferred?

Popular types of data to transfer are products, stock and sales. If you have WooCommerce integrated with Unleashed you can create and update products, update stock levels, create orders and update the order status – and much more. To see a list of all you can do, visit our in-depth blog on Unleashed and WooCommerce integration.

This data is transferred securely between the two systems, so you don’t have to worry about it going astray along the way.

Why Connect Systems?

There are only so many hours in the day; manually updating products, stock and orders on both systems is time-consuming and prone to human error. Automation gives you back valuable employee time and reduces customer complaints.

All orders are in real-time, so you don’t oversell stock. Making sure you can always fulfil orders which keeps your customers happy.


If you’d like to find out more about integrating Unleashed Inventory Management System with WooCommerce visit our connector page for details on how it works.
Go to the Unleashed and WooCommerce Connector page.

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