Unleashed <=> WooCommerce integration

TIDEConnects has extended its support for integrating Unleashed and WooCommerce.

TIDEConnects is a cloud-based subscription service that can be used to connect Unleashed to a variety of third-party applications, including eCommerce, Accounting and Marketplaces. TIDEConnects automates key business processes such as product management, inventory synchronisation and sales and return processing. TIDEConnects seamlessly connects to the Unleashed API, supporting multiple sales channels.

Unleashed Customers who are looking for a new integration with WooCommerce, TIDEConnects is available now out of the box.

For Unleashed Customers using an existing integration service that needs to be replaced, TIDEConnects will be offering a new migration service from May onwards.

TIDEConnects is well suited for Unleashed customers who are looking for maximum flexibility in mapping order and customer details to Unleashed for fulfilment.  Features Supported include:

  • Products
    • Create & update products from Unleashed to eCommerce
    • Create variants using a character delimiter in a Sku
    • Select products in Unleashed to be listed on eCommerce
    • Choose from which warehouse products can be listed
  • Inventory
    • Automatically pick up stock levels every 5 minutes
    • Option to include Assembled products
  • Orders
    • A TIDEConnects web-hook receives orders in real-time
    • Support for picking up changing order status in WooCommerce
    • Creates an order with an Unleashed or eCommerce Order Number
    • Option to prepend string to order number to differentiate origin
    • Order created in Unleashed with either new Customer record created, or existing Customer details updated
    • Choice of whether to create new Customer for every order
    • Configurable Unleashed Sales Order status
    • Choice of writing order to single currency account or multiple currency accounts
    • Optional Customer Order Data Presentation using Unleashed Reference, Comment or Delivery Instruction
    • Order status changes sent back to eCommerce site
    • Choose warehouse to place sales
    • Choose Customer Group and Order Group

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