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Etsy, renowned for its unique and handcrafted goods, offers artisans and independent sellers a vibrant marketplace to showcase their creations to a global audience. Integrating with Etsy’s API provides sellers with powerful tools to enhance their selling experience and streamline their operations.

TIDE - Etsy

Via TIDE, Etsy can integrate with the following platforms:

Supported processes

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Process sales from any platform as they come in. TIDE will ensure your sales sync in real-time to give your warehouse team continuous visibility of orders that have been placed.

The synchronised sales will also update your stock levels across all connected platforms to ensure you don’t oversell items and your stock count is consistently accurate.

If a customer returns a product, the systems need to be updated to reflect this. Once again, TIDE allows you to do this once, and it’s updated in all the relevant connected systems.

This ensures your customer is kept up-to-date about their return, and your teams have visibility of the returned order status.

Without real-time inventory synchronisation, inaccurate stock levels across your selling platforms can put you at risk of overselling stock or customers being unable to purchase items you have available.

Whether adding new stock after delivery or updating after a stock take, you can save time by changing your stock levels across all connected platforms in one go.

With TIDE, you do this once in Unleashed, and it syncs across to your eCommerce and marketplace systems.

So, no matter where your customers shop with you, they’ll always see the most accurate stock levels.

Keep your customers and staff up-to-date with an accurate order status across all connected platforms.

After packaging and dispatching a product, your team needs only to update the status in Unleashed, and it will sync with your other systems – alerting the customer to the status of their order and giving them any tracking details they need.

This transparency ensures the customer knows where their parcel is, and it reduces queries to your customer service team from customers wanting order updates.

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