How to Sync Order Status Between Unleashed and WooCommerce

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In our previous blog, we looked at how to sync orders from WooCommerce to Unleashed. Once those orders are in Unleashed, what happens next?

Your team will be picking and packing the items. Then they’ll update Unleashed with the new status, and you need to update the customer via WooCommerce. TIDEConnects makes this bit easy!

Sending an Order Status

In Unleashed, your team will set the order status to ‘Completed’ and may add some shipping information.

TIDEConnects will take this information and add a customer-visible note to the WooCommerce order telling them that the order was completed, and it will also set the WooCommerce order status to Complete.

If you add shipment details in Unleashed, then TIDEConnects will also add the courier and tracking details to the customer’s note and will be displayed as:

  • Date and Time
  • Carrier – e.g. Royal Mail
  • Tracking Number

This note can then be emailed automatically to the customer so they know their order is on its way.

Using the Shipment Tracking WooCommerce Plugin

If you use the WooCommerce Shipment Tracking plugin, TIDEConnects gives you an extra option,

In addition to placing the shipment tracking details on the note, if you use one of the supported couriers, it will provide a link that the customer can click to track their order.

This courier link can greatly benefit customers, as they love to know where their package is once shipped! In fact, 97% of customers expect the ability to monitor their orders throughout every step of the shipping process.

Order Tracking via Shipstation or Mintsoft

If you use either Shipstation or Mintsoft, you may have a different process than described above.

Often retailers will do all of the fulfilment and tracking updates in the Shipstation or Mintsoft interface which are then sent to WooCommerce.

Don’t worry if that’s your process, TIDEConnects also has the ability to take all of those order updates that are in WooCommerce, and synchronise them over to Unleashed.

The Customer Benefit to Order Status Updates

Clear communication about an order status is essential. 83% of eCommerce shoppers expect regular communication about their purchases.

Clear real-time communication reduces customer queries regarding the status of an order, taking some of the load off your customer services team.

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