How to Sync Orders from WooCommerce to Unleashed

Wouldn’t it be great if WooCommerce could sync orders in real-time to Unleashed?

So that:

  • Your team only have one place to check for orders
  • Stock levels are updated automatically across your systems
  • When an item is dispatched, your team only need to update one system
  • You get real-time visibility of your current stock to aid with purchasing and manufacturing schedules

Let’s have a look at how you can achieve all that by connecting your systems.

How Can WooCommerce Send Orders to Unleashed?

Both Unleashed and WooCommerce have an API; this is a set of protocols that allows other systems to connect to the platform.

Firstly, you need software that connects to both systems via an API. You can get them integrated manually (which can be costly) or use a connection platform like TIDEConnects.

Once connected, the systems can then speak to each other and pass data between them.

Real-Time Order Processing with WooCommerce

The great thing about WooCommerce is that it has a technology called ‘Webhooks’, which are automated messages that the platform sends out when something happens (e.g. a sale).

Connected systems can listen out for these messages and jump into action the moment they receive one.

For example, if someone places an order in WooCommerce, a message is sent in real-time via the webhook to tell any connected systems that an order has been created. The connection platform will then query WooCommerce to get the order’s data and transfer it to Unleashed.

When looking to connect your systems, it’s essential to find a system that utilises these webhooks, as it will ensure data is sent in real-time. TIDEConnects uses webhooks whenever they are available.

What Data Will Be Transferred?

Sales from WooCommerce will be written to a designated web sales account in Unleashed.

The email address that was entered into WooCommerce is used to create an account for new customers or look up existing account details.

The record for each sale will still include customer details, addresses, order status, and what they ordered.

The Benefits of Syncing Orders

Connecting systems to sync orders has so many benefits.

Your team will no longer need to check multiple systems to see which orders have come in. They also won’t need to copy that order over to Unleashed manually. This streamlines your team’s processes and ensures no ‘copy and paste’ errors happen between the systems.

Businesses love Unleashed for its perpetual inventory control, knowing what stock you have in real-time, whether it’s a new delivery, stored in the warehouse, moved to another location, or sold. When you connect systems, WooCommerce immediately becomes an extension of this control, so Unleased always knows what eCommerce sales have come in, and stock can be allocated directly.


With our Unleashed to WooCommerce connector you can also sync returns, order updates, products and inventory, visit our connector page for details on how it works.
Go to the Unleashed and Woocommerce Connector page.

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