How to Integrate Unleashed with Magento 2

Unleashed Inventory Management Software and Magento 2 are a powerful combination.

We can’t think of a better pairing with Unleashed’s real-time stock, product and customer management and Magento 2’s extensive eCommerce features.

When you have these two systems, you need them to talk to each other to release their full potential. Otherwise, you’ll be copying and pasting data manually between the two, leaving your business open to human error and delays in updating the data.

So how can you connect Unleashed to Magento 2 together easily?

Unleashed and Magento 2 Connector

Unleashed and Magento 2 both have an API. An API is a set of protocols that allows another system to connect to it. Platforms like TIDEConnects integrate with these APIs and pass data between them.

Most systems don’t speak the same language; for example, on one system, you might have a field called ‘Postcode’, but on another, it’s called ‘Zip Code’. So your connection platform needs to translate data between systems, ensuring it’s all correct and in the right format.

Unleashed and Magento 2 are a popular pairing. We find that many businesses need them connected to feel the full benefits of having two powerful systems speaking to each other in real-time. So, TIDEConnects has specifically made an out-of-the-box connection that we set up for you, and it runs seamlessly in the background.

What Types of Data Can Be Transferred?

The types of data you can transfer between systems are products, stock and sales. If you have Magento 2 integrated with Unleashed, you can create and update products, update stock levels, create orders and update the order status – and much more. The connection also supports multiple locations.

To see more details about the connection, visit our Unleashed and Magento 2 connector page.

Why Connect Systems?

The reason businesses choose Unleashed and Magento 2 is the power and flexibility. But if they aren’t connected, how do you get the data from one to the other so that stock levels are updated and orders are fulfilled quickly?

Usually, businesses copy and paste the data manually. Which can be time-consuming and often needs extra employee resources to ensure it gets completed. As our customer, Dean Redmond of DTR Electrical Supplies, explains:

“We now only have to do everything once! The time saving is massive. If we decided to stop using TIDEConnects and go back to our old methods, we would need an extra full-time employee to get the daily work done. As we continue to grow, TIDEConnects will end up saving us more than one employee. Saving time is saving money, so TIDEConnects has been a good investment. We can now confidently scale our business.”

By connecting systems, you remove the manual workloads, ensure data integrity, and know that everything is up-to-date in real-time.


If you’d like to learn more about integrating Unleashed Inventory Management System with Magento 2, visit our connector page for details on how it works.
Go to the Unleashed and Magento 2 Connector page.

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