Why Unleashed customers are choosing TIDEConnects?

Expectations of inventory management systems are changing as more and more businesses rely on the cloud and online transactions. The volume of data is increasing, and management becomes more time consuming as customers expect OnDemand goods and services.  Whether manufacturing, wholesaling or distributing to meet their client’s demands, integration needs to be seamless and fulfilment instantaneous.

Automating with TIDEConnects provides many real benefits for Unleashed customers, seamlessly synchronising their data with Unleashed 24/7, whether the integration is with WooCommerce, Shopify, Visualsoft, BigCommerce or Magento.

TIDEConnects customers are assured that the right data reaches the correct place automatically, removing human error.

TIDEConnects ensures businesses can concentrate on increasing productivity, by saving time and focussing on costs, profitability and scaling their business.

TIDEConnects benefits include:

  • Real-time processing of sales orders from WooCommerce/Shopify/Big Commerce to Unleashed
  • Maximum 5-minutes between orders being received from Magento and Visualsoft
  • Maximum 5-minutes between stock synchronisation from Unleashed to connected systems
  • Flexible mapping of order and/or customer data in Unleashed
  • Processing of back orders, with order status sent back to eCommerce platforms
  • Centralised business operations in Unleashed with support for Product Management:
  • products in Unleashed created as draft products in connected eCommerce systems
  • method for storing variants in Unleashed, enabling creation and management of configurable products in eCommerce systems
  • Multi-warehouse stock sync with mapping to multi-locations if supported in eCommerce systems
  • Creation of credit notes in Unleashed for managing eCommerce returns and refunds

If you would like to know more about how TIDEConnects can help your business seamlessly integrate and save your time, please contact us now at info@tideconnects.com.

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