TIDEConnects adds Support for Unleashed

TIDEConnects now supports Unleashedconnecting their Inventory Management solution to a wide range of business systems. TIDEConnects integrates business critical data and enables efficient business process automation.

TIDEConnects integrates data from all of these systems and supports the automation of key business processes in Unleashed:

Inventory updates:

  • Stock levels are maintained in Unleashed and updated across all connected systems.

Product processing:

  • Skus, suppliers, descriptions, prices, costs, taxes can be maintained in Unleashed and synchronised across all systems
  • New products can be created on sales channels and existing products maintained whenever they change
  • Although Unleashed does not natively support variants, TIDEConnects provides additional functionality for integrating Unleashed with eCommerce platforms and EPoS that include variants.

Sales order creation in Unleashed:

  • Sales or orders received across all sales channels can be transferred to Unleashed, as they happen
  • Customer details, products and quantities purchased, any discounts, taxes paid are extracted by TIDEConnects and integrated into Unleashed.
  • TIDEConnects ensures that order status is maintained across all sales channels enabling timely and effective customer communication.
  • TIDEConnects can integrate complex shipment characteristics stored in Unleashed like weight and dimensions

The benefits of using TIDEConnects to integrate all your business systems with Unleashed include:

  • Stock levels are synchronised across all channels as soon as a new order or stock is received, a new product manufactured or a sale made, enhancing customer satisfaction and minimising the time required to handle complaints. This is key for operating in an omni-channel business environment.
  • Valuable business owner time is saved by only creating and updating product information once, including handling complex product variants. This ensures consistency across all sales channels
  • Reporting is centralised, with real-time sales and stock information available to Unleashed for accurate reporting and re-ordering
  • Customer information is up-to-date and complete, enabling the highest levels of Customer Service to be provided and maintained

TIDEConnects’ existing connectivity means that Unleashed Customers can connect to an even wider range of systems, including:

  • ePOS: Vend, Lightspeed
  • eCommerce: WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento 2, VisualSoft
  • Accounting/ERP: Xero, Quickbooks, Sage Business Cloud and Netsuite
  • Marketplaces; Amazon and eBay
  • Customer Management: Salesforce, AgileCRM and ZohoCRM

TIDEConnects is a flexible and reliable solution for ensuring your Unleashed based business is under your control.

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