Make Register EPOS The Heart of Your Retail Business

Our latest Partner is Smart Volution, who are using TIDE to connect their Register ePoS to other key business systems. Sales, product, stock, customer and financial data will be synchronised between Register and other retail systems.

TIDE extends the Register ePoS so that it can be the heart of a retail business. Connect your ecommerce site, online marketplace (like eBay and Amazon), and finance system to create single view of the business.

Once you have more than one retail system it can be hard, and time consuming, to keep things in sync. It takes up your valuable time that could be better spent growing your business.

By connecting Register to your other systems, you’ll no longer have to spend time copying and pasting data between them.

As you grow, you’ll see the benefits of connecting Register with your other systems:

  • Offer consistent pricing and information across your shop, online store and any other outlets
  • Manage stock better and reduce over/under stocking
  • Get real-time insights into your finances
  • Identify customer and buying trends quicker
  • Serve customers quicker and more accurately

Register is a modern, simple to use, cost effective, and innovative EPOS running on any standard android device for small and medium retailers.

Take card and cash payments, manage stock & customers, book appointments with text reminders, scan bar codes, centralised business reporting and much more.

TIDE Connects Register

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Are happy for us to pass your details onto Smart Volution too?

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