Retail Systems Magazine: Trotters Relaunches E-commerce Site

Trotters has relaunched its website, updating the retail management software that handles electronic point of sale (EPoS), stock control and warehousing.

The family-run children’s store has employed Eurostop for EPoS and stock control software with merchandise and warehouse management, Shopify Plus for the e-commerce website platform, and the TIDEConnects platform to connect Shopify Plus and Eurostop’s data together.

“Our ethos is to provide superb quality and an excellent shopping experience for both parents and children,” said Caroline Villa, head of marketing and e-commerce at Trotters. “In order to do that our retail systems have to support our current offering of high levels of customer service at every touch point.

Eurostop were commissioned to undertake all the head office and store work, while We Make Websites helped create the Shopify Plus design and implement the build.

Both of the new systems needed to be joined together to make sure the stock, product, customer and sales data was shared automatically between them. TIDEConnects won the pitch to connect the systems using the Eurostop standard API.

The TIDEConnects team undertook system mapping, helped identify the common fields between the different systems to ensure translation. This was achieved by converting each systems’ data into a TIDEConnects standard format, making it much easier for systems to pass data to each other.

“Consumers demand a real-time view of stock, accurate product information at their fingertips, and a consistent shopping experience,” commented Anna Bravington, director of retail at TIDEConnects. “This can only be achieved by retail systems being able to share and automate their data.”

Trotters was established 28 years ago and now has six stores and an online shop.

Written by Peter Walker – 26/11/18


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