Get Back to Selling with the help of TIDE

TIDE is our platform that connects and synchronises your EPOS, eCommerce, inventory, CRM, and finance systems.

Let TIDE take over those manual tasks like copying and pasting, so you can get back to what’s important – selling products and growing your business.

Setup is simple. TIDE runs in the background. No training needed.

Free your team from the task of copying and pasting data

Real-time stock levels online and in-store

Consistent pricing and information on every channel

Single customer view across systems

Solve Simple Problems

Stock visibility has a big impact on all businesses.

  • 75% of consumers frustrated by lack of stock visibility
  • 31% of stores regularly run out of stock.

As many as 65% of retailers believe that having a real-time view of, and control over, inventory throughout the supply chain is essential

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What is TIDE?

TIDE is a cloud-based platform, that you subscribe to.

It connects to your cloud applications such as eCommerce, EPOS, CRM, and finance.

It synchronises data in real-time and automates your retail processes.

It works in the background, there is no new system to learn. You just carry on using your current systems day-to-day while TIDE coordinates all the data between them.

The benefits of connecting with TIDE:

  • Manage stock better and reduce over/under stocking
  • Get real-time insights into finances
  • Identify customer and buying trends quicker
  • Offer consistent pricing and information across all selling channels
  • Serve customers quicker and more accurately
  • Save thousands of pounds each year by not copying and pasting data


TIDE delivers these benefits by getting the RIGHT DATA to the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME.

Using TIDE we save over a day a week copying and pasting between our eCommerce and CRM systems.

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