TIDE has two subscription packages available: Core and Advanced.

Please note that Advanced features are currently only available to Unleashed

TIDE pricing is comprised of a monthly subscription and fees for deployment.

All prices exclude VAT.

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TIDE Core TIDE Advanced
Price £90 per month £150 per month
Number of Connections Up to 2 2+
Usage Allowance (Orders processed per month) 1,000 orders 1,000 orders
Stock Sync
Order Processing
Order Status Updates
Product Creation and Price Updates
Customer Creation and Update
Core Dashboard Functionality
Multi-currency Functionality Up to 3 currencies 3+ currencies
Multiple Stock Locations
Custom Bill of Materials
Custom Pricing
Advanced Dashboard Functionality (coming soon)
Advanced Product Creation (coming soon)
Additional 1,000 orders per month £30 £50
Additional 5,000 orders per month £75 £125
Deployment Fee £250 £500

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