Press Release: EKM Sign New Partner Connected Commerce and their Retail Platform TIDE

EKM, the award-winning Ecommerce platform, announced a new strategic partnership with Connected Commerce and their retail platform, TIDE, to enable their customers to increase the growth of their ecommerce businesses.

Over time retailers need to add more systems to their business – online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, finance systems, or maybe in-store EPOS systems.

TIDE connects EKM to other retail systems and synchronises the data between them. This allows real-time connections between EPOS, inventory, CRM, courier, marketplaces, and finance systems.

Usually as soon as another system is added into a business it increases the time spent copying and pasting data between each one. Retailers using TIDE no longer need to do this and find they save anything up to a day a week or more as their business develops.

The benefits of connecting EKM and other systems together using TIDE:

  • Manage stock better and reduce over/under stocking
  • Get real-time insights into finances
  • Identify customer and buying trends quicker
  • Offer consistent pricing and information across their EKM store and any other outlets
  • Serve customers quicker and more accurately
  • Save thousands of pounds each year by not copying and pasting data

“TIDE has been developed with the SME retailer in mind. We understand that once you have more than one retail system it can be hard, and time consuming, to keep things in sync. It takes up valuable resources that could be better spent growing a successful business.” Said Anna Bravington, Director of Retail at Connected Commerce.

“EKM is built for success, and with retail success comes growth. Our alliance with TIDE will enable our customers to expand into multichannel selling, while keeping all their data consistent between systems. This gives them extra time to grow their business. The EKM – TIDE partnership gives retailers the tools they need to excel in the modern retail landscape.”  Said Mark Gilbertson, Business Development Manager, EKM

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EKM is and award-winning eCommerce platform, the quickest and easiest way to create your own online shop. It gives everything you need to run your online shop, and there is an expert team on hand who are trained to help you with all the demands of running an online business.


TIDE is Connected Commerce’s platform that connects retail systems.

  • With TIDE we make it possible for SME retailers to compete in a modern, challenging, retail environment.
  • We work with SME Retailers who want to grow and
  • TIDE saves retailers’ time, reduces errors and improves their understanding of the customer.
  • Because TIDE automatically makes sure that the right data is in the right place at the right time, retailers can get back to selling.

Talisman Innovations is now trading as Connected Commerce.

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