Integrate Shopify with Unleashed

Connect Unleashed Inventory Management Software with Shopify to sync your stock, products, and orders in real-time between systems.

Automating with TIDEConnects provides many real benefits for Unleashed customers, seamlessly synchronising their data with Shopify 24/7.

Create and maintain products in Shopify with tagging, sync stock levels, and real-time processing of Shopify orders. The connection can even support multiple inventory locations.

TIDEConnects take a consultative approach, ensuring set-up is smooth and works for your business – as our customers have discovered:

“Working with the people at TIDEConnects has been refreshing. They think about my business holistically, keep me in the loop and are proactive; identifying problems and providing a solution before I’ve even discovered them myself. TIDEConnects is seamless, proactive and solves problems, I’m very happy indeed. The only thing I’d change is I wish I’d used them sooner!”

Justine Hyde, Hyde and Seek

Satisfied Customers

TIDEConnects was the only company who had a personal conversation and asked questions about the business. They never came across as salesy, were genuinely supportive of us as a company, with no grey areas. They took the weight off both mine and companies shoulders during a very stressful time saving a massive amount of trouble.

Danielle Kyriakides, Living Planet

The whole experience of deploying TIDEConnects was a lot less work and stress than I was expecting! TIDEConnects is simple to use, and the enormously helpful team deliver exactly what is needed. TIDEConnects automates all the bits we don’t now have to think about so we can concentrate on our customers and their care. They are a pleasure to work with. They do exactly what they say they will quickly and it’s a joy to have a partner like TIDEConnects

Jo Colman, Summerdown Mint

What TIDEConnects has enabled is to save us having an employee manage this full time. The time and cost savings are invaluable. As we grow, TIDEConnects will increase our savings as we increase our business turnover and profit

Joshua Jack, The Race Works

Picking up real-time orders from WooCommerce and posting them in Unleashed is a big benefit as it keeps our online stock levels accurate. This also helps maintain integrity with our customer base, as nothing annoys customers more than a website which advertises products which we don’t have! This is particularly important as we pride ourselves on being an honest and reliable business with a fast delivery time

Dean Redmond, DTR Electrical Supplies

I picked TIDEConnects as over anyone else they made me feel confident as they listened and communicate. From the beginning, TIDEConnects has made it their job to understand my business and its complexities. If I’ve had a stumbling block, they’ve fixed it. They’ve saved time, my sanity, and removed the pain and confusion of dealing with systems that don’t respond to my business needs and enabled me finally to migrate to my own websites. Having a functioning, responsive website with accurate stock levels, especially in these uncertain times, could save my businesses. TIDEConnects makes my businesses feel safe

Holly Wilson, Prep Cookshop and Richard Dare

Working with the people at TIDEConnects has been refreshing. They think about my business holistically, keep me in the loop and are proactive; identifying problems and providing a solution before I’ve even discovered them myself. TIDEConnects is seamless, proactive and solves problems, I’m very happy indeed. The only thing I’d change is I wish I’d used them sooner!

Justine Hyde, Hyde and Seek

TIDEConnects has been crucial for our eCommerce to work. Every company is unique and TIDEConnects understood how we function as a business. Our website has now become another branch and we can seamlessly handle periods of stress such as low stock or high levels of sales. We are currently tracking 50% growth year on year. We couldn’t have done that without migrating to Shopify and that wouldn’t have been possible without TIDEConnects

Joanna Morrison-Wood, Trotters

Our experience of TIDEConnects has been super-efficient all the way through. Thanks to TIDEConnects the time I used to spend on data management, I now spend on business management and the data quality is far better. I no longer have to spend a day a week, or more doing pricing uploads, manually transferring and checking the data, as I now trust it. It is crucial to spend that time in other areas to grow our business. We trust TIDEConnects and are looking forward to connecting more of our cloud-based systems. As a business, we need to be as efficient as possible to ride any situation. If businesses don’t do that they fail

Liam Lynch, Bespoke Cycling

We now only have to do everything once! The time saving is massive. If we decided to stop using TIDEConnects and go back to our old methods, we would need an extra full-time employee to get the daily work done. As we continue to grow, TIDEConnects will end up saving us more than one employee. Saving time is saving money so TIDEConnects has been a good investment. We can now confidently scale our business

Dean Redmond, DTR Electrical Supplies

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