How it Works

Connecting Systems Together

Often retailers have to spend hours at their computer copying and pasting data (e.g stock levels and product details) from one system to another over and over again. This eats into their valuable time.

TIDE automatically keeps information up to date between a retailers systems, this frees up their time so they can market and grow their business.

TIDE runs in the background and retail staff won’t have to learn a new system, they just carry on using the current systems day-to-day.

Simple Set Up

We set-up and support the connections for the retailer via the TIDE admin panel.

We’ve made it really easy to add new systems, so we can set up in an hour.

The retail staff just carry on using the current systems while TIDE co-ordinates all the data between them.

The Omnichannel Retailer

For retailers that have multiple systems and selling channels, TIDE can give them that real omnichannel experience with consistent information across every system.

Research shows that retailers that adopt omnichannel often increase their revenue and retain more customers.

Connect - Integrate - Automate


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