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Connected Commerce is a technology and digital event for retailers, and businesses that work with the retail sector.

We will look at how consumer demands and struggling retail can be helped with retail technology, omnichannel, user experience, and digital strategy.

These free events are held throughout the year in Bournemouth and London.

5 July 2018 | 6-10pm

Connected Commerce


Platinum Business Partners, Platinum Park, Exeter Park Road, Bournemouth BH2 5AY

We have the fantastic Platinum Business Partners to thank for our amazing venue for this meetup.

This event is going to be centred around “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”.
How retailers, big and small, can use large platforms like Amazon, Google etc to their advantage, and what benefits these platforms offer.

There will be two free drinks from the bar, and pizza for everyone that comes – so you don’t have to worry about dinner!

October 2018 | 6-9pm

Connected Commerce


Venue TBC

Our first Connected Commerce event in London. We took up leadership of the existing London Retail Technology Meetup and will be running events from now on.

We’re organising 3 speakers offering us insightful talks on the retail sector – from a mixture of retail, hospitality, marketing, tech.

There will be free drinks and food for everyone that comes – so you don’t have to worry about dinner!

Event booking opening soon!

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