Summerdown Mint

Summerdown has been growing, harvesting and distilling their very own Black Mitcham peppermint for almost three decades, at their family farm in the Hampshire countryside. Distilled into barrel-aged peppermint oil, this plays the starring role in all their award-winning chocolates, teas, candles, diffusers and more. They sell through five channels with their online presence ( being key.

The Problem

Over the last few years, Summerdown have built on their company reputation by offering an excellent online purchasing service based on WooCommerce and their renowned Customer service. However, inventory management and production were manual and so they selected the Unleashed Inventory Management System to automate their processes. This was a big step forward and a very new experience.

The big challenge then became how to make the website and Unleashed talk happily together to maintain their high standards of Customer Service. There were many concerns including would they lose their hands on approach to customer care if they automated? They did not want to create a process that would take more time and training and wished to retain staff that were important to them.


TIDEConnects was implemented in a couple of interactive sessions by our experienced Customer Success team. TIDEConnects now does all the hard work of being able to match the orders between the two systems and ensure that order processing flows seamlessly. By matching online orders automatically with Stock held on hand, which is batch tracked, Summerdown can now be confident that the orders coming through the website are being accurately tracked right through the ordering and fulfilment process.

The Result

As TIDEConnects seamlessly works in the background, Summerdown are now able to focus on improving their business because TIDEConnects gives Summerdown:

  • More flexibility in the way they use WooCommerce features because of the scope of TIDEConnects
  • Grow their business without complicating it, because TIDEConnects handles the complexity
  • More time to concentrate on their customer care because TIDEConnects automates all routine processes

“The whole experience of deploying TIDEConnects was a lot less work and stress than I was expecting! TIDEConnects is simple to use, and the enormously helpful team deliver exactly what is needed. TIDEConnects automates all the bits we don’t now have to think about so we can concentrate on our customers and their care. They are a pleasure to work with. They do exactly what they say they will quickly and it’s a joy to have a partner like TIDEConnects.” Jo Colman, Summerdown Mint

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